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About The Epigrammarian

My name is Constance Keene and you are visiting my site the Epigrammarian, your destination for
profoundly trivial stuff & nonsense.

If you’re wondering who I am, you can learn a little bit more about me here.

What’s an epigram, you ask?

If you don’t know the actual definition of an epigram, don’t feel bad. I’m sure you have a general idea.
In a nutshell, an epigram is only this:


This quote from Dorothy Parker is the perfect example of an epigram.


I’m obsessed with epigrams, especially that one. (An epigram about epigrams? So ridiculously meta.)

I collect other people’s epigrams like some ladies collect shoes. Or boyfriends. Or boyfriend’s shoes. (To each his own, I always say!) I’ve even been known to write my own and quote myself from time to time, although I know I’m not in league with greats like Dorothy Parker or the reigning King of the Epigram, Oscar Wilde. The tag line for this site Profoundly Trivial was inspired by his royal highness, by the way. (Bonus snooty points to you if you knew that, you clever little thing!)

The Epigrammarian is an outlet for boredom. It’s a place to chase my muses and explore my latest obsessions, but I feel I should warn you, I have a tendency to suffer from muse-swings. Tune in one week and I’ll post about pop culture. Visit again and you might see an adorable animal video. The next time, I might feature and article along the lines of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Animal Husbandry (but were afraid to ask). Just kidding about that last one. My point is, with me you never know.

Thanks for visiting. Please go to my freebie section, so that I might feel useful by unloading some of my hoard.

Ever yours,