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Today is International Read an Ebook Day?

What’s that? You didn’t know?! And you call yourself a reader. Tsk. Tsk.

I’m kidding, of course. I just learned about myself. 15 minutes ago. We have exactly 5 minutes left with which to celebrate!

You may be thinking,“National Read an Ebook Day yet another one of those retail-driven, manufactured days of celebration, like Valentine’s Day. Hurrah!

Normally, I would agree. But unlike Valentine’s Day, or V.D., as I like to call it, I give my full support to this imaginary holiday. Any cause that promotes reading is absolutely A OK in my book (pun intended).

If you’ve never experience the magic of reading an Ebook (via tablet, desktop, laptop, mobile device… or what have you), you must do so! And soon.

I confess, it pained me a little to tell you that. I may have caused some long-dead literary figure to roll over in their crypt just by typing it. Still, it needed to be said.

If you are an Ebook newbie, there is no need for shame. You’re not alone. I know people who are absolute wizards when it comes to using their i-phone, yet they have never once read a book online. For the technologically challenged, figuring out the features of an e-reader can seem daunting. And then there is the whole book snobbery factor to consider. The poo-pooing of electronic reading is a very common practice among hardcore book-wormy types. And believe me, I know of whom I speak.

It’s a well known fact (particularly to those poor souls who’ve ever had the misfortune of helping me move) that I, Constance Keene am a true lover of real and proper books. Just two years ago, if you were to tell me that someday E-books would become my primary reading source, I’d have called you a liar and a cad, and would have loudly advised you to lay off the absinthe. Today I cannot imagine not reading an Ebook.

I’m not saying that I no longer have a love for reading the good old fashioned way, but I must concede that Ebooks are ridiculously practical and damned convenient! They have advantages that real books, by their very nature, can never offer. For example, the promise of an exciting new read is (quite literally) right there at your fingertips, reachable with just a few clicks. Lazy boys and girls, need never again leave the Lazy-Boy to pick up a book. And E-books have the advantage of customization, offering adjustable content like text size and screen brightness. This alone was almost a big enough factor for me to try one out, since I live in a constant state of denial over my need for the most dreaded of all accouterments of the aged, a pair of bifocals.

Incidentally, E-books have also dramatically changed my relationship in bed. When my partner Aleister became more than just a teensy bit annoyed by the constant presence of my Itty-Bitty Book Light, I made the switch without hesitation. I still love to read old books, but when faced with a choice it turns out that I love old Aleister more.

So if you’ve never read an E-book, try it. You can always return it. Besides just manufacturing holidays, retailers are also known for having excellent return policies.