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About Constance Keene

Who the Heck is Constance Keene?

That’s me, jelly bean. I’m Constance Keene, the proprietress of the

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Constance Keene, proprietress of

(Fair warning… give me the time and I’ll break into rhyme. It’s rather annoying, but it’s a compulsion of sorts. I can’t help myself.)

I started this blog to catalog and share my obsessions, particularly anything relating to profoundly trivial stuff and nonsense. Wise words, witty saying, old books, colorful characters, talking animals — It’s all right here.

Here are some things you should know about me…

In spite of my love of words I’m a notoriously bad speller. I’ve been known to spell my own name incorrectly. Same thing for grammar. (Note: this site is not called the grammarian.)

I’m a people person. I adore people, especially those who adore me. If you like me (I mean, really like me!) I can’t say enough good things about you.

I’m proud of my sunny disposition. I’m as sweet as peach pie, but never underestimate my will to be wicked. If you mess with this bull, you’ll get the horns.

It is my way to become waylaid. My default mode of expression is digression. I enjoy tangential walkabouts and fall easily into irrelevant asides. (Which reminds me, I need to wrap this up. I need to go to my cleaners and they close early today. Have you noticed how expensive dry cleaning has become? It’s absurd! The phrase being taken to the cleaners is absolutely apropos in this situation, isn’t it?)

Anyway… I am glad you are here. I mean that. Please take a moment to stop and share something profoundly trivial.

Ever yours,