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About this site

My name is Constance Keene and you are visiting my site the Epigrammarian, your destination for all things epigram related.

If you’re wondering what I look like, I’d say that’s a very realistic depiction of me reading in that graphic banner you see at the top of this site. Really it is. Just subtract the booze, add a two liter-sized iced-coffee and… Voila, there I am!

What’s an epigram, you say?

If you don’t know the actual definition of an epigram, don’t feel bad. We can’t all be pretentious fops. I’m sure you had a general idea.
In a nutshell, an epigram is only this:


This quote from Dorothy Parker is the perfect example of one.


I’m obsessed with epigrams, especially that one. (An epigram about epigrams? So ridiculously meta.)

I collect other people’s epigrams like some ladies collect shoes. Or boyfriends. Or boyfriend’s shoes. (To each his own, I always say!) I’ve even been known to write my own and quote myself from time to time, although I know I’m not in league with greats like Dorothy Parker or the reining King of the Epigram, Oscar Wilde. The tag line for this site” Profoundly Trivial” is by his royal highness, by the way. (Bonus snooty points to you if you knew that, you clever little thing!)

And speaking of obsessions, I have many. Like these:

    Like this one. Which I sometimes grow bored of doing and don’t update, so don’t get your precious hopes up. (For this blog, I mean. For life, keep those sky high!)
    I’m hopelessly in love with old media and have a tendency to collect large quantities of it. I feel less like a hoarder now that I do this digitally. I would probably qualify for some sort of support group for digital hoarders, if that sort of thing existed. Do you know of such a support group? Let me know. (On second thought, I’m fine! Not ready for that first step yet, you see.)
    I’m all about Queen Vicki’s reign at the moment, especially with all the Victorian-related books and television shows around right now. Plus, I suppose you could say that this era is in that detestable (but appropriate) little category that pop culture snoots call the zeitgeist, much like vampires.Speaking of which, I also have a weak spot for a good Gothic ghost story and any sort of vampire lore. I’m a little bit embarrassed to tell you that, for some reason. Maybe because it makes me seem like I’m in Middle School, which is where it all started really. In my defense, It has evolved over the years, moving away from the area of say Anne Rice, veering more along the lines of Kim Newman. (If you are into Mr. Newman, we must talk. And stay tuned for more about him and his Anno Dracula series later.)

The Epigrammarian is basically just an outlet for boredom. A place to chase my muses and explore my obsessions, whatever those happen to be at the moment. But I feel I should warn you, I have a tendency to suffer from severe muse-swings. Tune in one week and I’ll post about pop culture. Visit again and you might see an adorable animal video. The next time, an article about Everything you ever wanted to know about animal  husbandry (but were afraid to ask).

Just kidding about that last one. My point is, with me you never know.

Thanks for visiting. Please also go to my freebie section so that I might feel useful by unloading some of my hoard.

Ever yours,

Constance Keene