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The Lost Art of End Papers

Ahh, end papers… those beautiful patterns and illustrations that literally used to bookend stories in books of days gone by. How I love them so. Such a small thing, but such a big burst of happiness for me.

Like many other outstanding graphic elements of book design, end papers are quickly going the way of wind and ghost. Few eBooks include anything remotely like them, and I can’t seem to recollect any modern, non child-related printed book that has included them in the last decade or so. What a pity it is!

End Papers & Patten Freebies
As an ode to the lost art of end paper design, here are some vintage examples for you to download and use for personal projects. I also mixed in some seamless patterns that I created on Colourlovers. Use them as you will for scrap projects, or maybe as tileable pattern backgrounds for your laptop, desktop, mobile phone or what have you.


I’m still in the process of uploading and crediting these, so if a particular image is from your site, please let me know and I’ll make sure to give you full credit and feature you on this site.  If no credit is listed it means that they were found to be in the public domain, or due to my flighty nature I have mistakenly lost the original source. Please let me know if you find your images and would like credit or want it removed.


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