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A Curiouser & Curiouser Christmas

Posted by on November 20, 2015

Did you know that there are only 35 days left until Christmas?!


My main man, Mr. Gingerbread

This annoying reminder is really for me.

Yes, Christmas is coming and this goose is already getting fat. The crux of my problem lies in my addiction to men, particularly those men made completely of gingerbread. These dapper little tasty bonhommes simply fling themselves into my basket when I walk down the grocery store aisle, and I am unable to stop myself from buying them and eating them up instantly.

Gingerbread men are at the top of My Favorite Things List (next to raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, of course). If you’re wondering what to buy for me this holiday season, there’s an idea for you. I’ve been told they make great gifts for other people too, but I’ve never been able to keep them around long enough to give them away.

Speaking of dapper little men, whiskers on kittens and presents

If you’re in need of a gift for an animal lover who also happens to adore Victoriana and graphic art, I have just the place for you on Etsy.

The shop is called Curious Portraits. The owner is Lisa Zandor, a multi-talented artist who offers…

“… a treasury of anthropomorphic animal portraits, food icons from the 1950’s and portraits of beloved childhood toys.”

Victorian Cat Lady and Cat Dandy Gentleman, AKA "Violet" & "Victor" from Curious Portraits.

Victorian Cat Lady & Gentleman from Curious Portraits

Treasury indeed! At Curious Portraits you can find exquisite note cards, coasters, portraits, jewelry and other “discerningly eccentric” works of art. You’ll see immediately why I love the place. Animals in clothes, reminiscent of that magical time known as (can you guess it?) the Victoria era? It’s all right up my cobble-stoned alley.

Last Christmas, I bought these two portraits (at left) for my partner Aleister. It’s our tradition to give each other gifts with animal couples. Nauseating? Perhaps, but it makes for a right purrrfect Christmas in our book. (The subjects are always called Violet and Victor. These are their Victorian counterparts.)

So many ideas for gifts from this shop! The mind reels. I’m in love with the portraits. I’ve featured some of my favorite in the gallery at the bottom of this page. Click on this link to go there on Etsy. And by the way, I’m not affiliated with Curious Portraits. They’re not my sponsor. I just love the designs. And last year the owner Lisa sent a personal note with my purchase, which I thought was delightful. Plus, it is the holidays and all, the time for spreading goodwill and cheer.

Honestly, I love giving gifts even more than receiving them. That’s not as selfless as it sounds. I take great pleasure in making someone happy, but more importantly I adore all the attention that comes from a job well done.

Now, get going with your Christmas shopping, especially your quest to secure a few hundred packs of Gingerbread men for yours truly, ASAP.

Yours truly,

Constance Keene