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Feel the Need to Gorge? Try Biscuits George…

Posted by on February 2, 2015

(These were limited editions and have since sold out.)

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Les Filles le sport et les Biscuits

etsy-janThis month’s product on sale now is a trio of Turn-of-the-Century sporty ladies including the Equestrian, the Hunter & the Fisher-woman.

These 5 x 7 digital restoration prints were originally created as trading cards for French pastry company Biscuits George. Just thinking about them is making me hungry.

So I wrote this poem in honor of Biscuits George.
While it’s not an epigram, it ain’t hay neither.

When I hunger for a snack
And i feel the need to gorge
I go and find a pack
Of french & tasty
Biscuits George

When I don’t eat
I feel weird and get shaky
Today, i just don’t want to risk it
So I’ll not hesitate
To put food on my plate
And fill up with these
Tasty French biscuits