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Nonsense Verse Books


The Burgess Nonsense Book

The Burgess Nonsense Book ; Being a Complete Collection of the Humorous Masterpieces of Gelett Burgess 
by Gelett Burgess

Published: 1901
Publisher: New York, Frederick A. Stokes Co
Pages: 252

Topics: Nonsense verses


The Lyttle Booke of Nonsense

A Lyttle Book of Nonsense
by Randal Davies

Published: 1912
Publisher: London : Macmillan
Pages: 176

Topics: Limericks

Line Lost Limericks, a Guest Book
by Fred E. Woodward

Published: 1915
Publisher: New York, The Platt & Peck Co
Pages: 138

Topics: Limericks
Ye Book of Copperheads
by Charles Godfrey Leland

Published: 1863
Publisher Philadelphia : F. Leypoldt
Pages 48

Topics: Lincoln, Abraham, Limericks, Copperhead movement, Caricatures and cartoons