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Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders

Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders

from the Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries Series
by Gyles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (title in UK)

The fourth of Gyles Brandreth’s acclaimed series of Victorian murder mysteries opens in the spring of 1890 at a glamorous reception hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Albemarle. All London’s haut monde is there, including the Prince of Wales, who counts the Albemarles as close friends. Although the heir apparent and the prince of aesthetes are friends, at the party Oscar appears more interested in a young actor, Rex LaSalle, who, disarmingly, claims to be a vampire…

What begins as a diverting evening ends in tragedy. As the guests are about to leave, the Duchess is found murdered in an ante-room, two tiny puncture marks in her throat. Desperate to avoid a public scandal, the Prince of Wales asks Oscar and his friend Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate the crime. What they discover threatens to destroy the Royal Family… and the reputation of Oscar Wilde.